Continue job hunting? Honest messages from seniors who took a leave of absence and did an internship abroad.

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by Takumi Uriuhara

How is your job hunting going?
I think that you are writing CV a lot, but do not you think that it is okay to get on this way like everyone does job hunting?

In this column, seniors who stopped job hunting in the middle or took a leave of absence before job hunting and joined the internship abroad shared their experiences.
Are there any regrets for those who challenged what they wanted to do until they delayed their graduation for one year? Was it okay to join the internship abroad until they took absent from school? They told us their voice in real.

Those who just follow others who seek jobs though have what they want to do. Those who feel something wrong with continuing job hunting: “Is this OK?” Please listen to the honest voice of the four seniors who had experiences of the internship abroad.

4 seniors who took a leave of absence and participated in the internship abroad

At first, I introduce 4 seniors who experienced taking a leave of absence and participating in the internship abroad.

Tatsuo Yamazaki

First person is Tatsuo Yamazaki. He took one year absence from the 4th year of university and he worked at Japanese NGO called Kamonohashi Project in Cambodia as an intern. He got a job at a company having a business in Cambodia since he gave shape to his future image which had been vague through the internship abroad.

Kenshi Suzuki

Second guy is Kenshi Suzuki. He stopped job hunting in the middle and did an intern at GFA doing Football business in Singapore.

Midori Takahashi

Third one is Midori Takahashi. She worked as an intern at Kamonohashi Project like Tatsuo. Currently, she works for a food company from learning gained the internship abroad in Cambodia.

Shinnosuke Yoshida

Last one is Shinnosuke Yoshida.
He was engaged in an internship for six months each by a travel agency and an educational system NGO in New Delhi, India. Currently he is employed by an education company that conducts business overseas.

Was it good to have a leave of absence and internship? Please evaluate yourself in 100-point scale. And let us know the reason?

Tatsuo Yamazaki

90 pints. It was good to participate in the internship abroad. I was able to achieve my goal of having experience working in developing countries while attending college. From the connection which I got in the internship abroad, I found the job what is suit for me and succeeded job hunting.

Kenshi Suzuki

100-points. I am feeling it was good overall. I am enjoying my environment now and don’t have any regrets that I should have gone elsewhere. Moreover, I think that there was only here what I sought. I wouldn’t be the person I am today if I didn’t join the internship abroad so including it, the score is 100 points.

Midori Takahashi

100 points. Because I took a leave of absence, I could see, experience, and think the world in long-term rather than short-term. That year was much worthwhile.

Shinnosuke Yoshida

95 points. The good pioints are,
1. I was able to explore what I wanted to do because of the time created by taking a leave of absence
2. Listening to the career plans of friends I met in the internship abroad, I was stimulated and could refer to
3. Through the internship abroad, I was able to review what I could do and what skills I was missing

When taking a leave of absence and participating in an internship abroad, graduation is delayed for one year. Did not you regret about that?

Tatsuo Yamazaki

I did not regret it. There was vague concern that taking a leave of absence for one year have a negative impact on job hunting before I took a leave of absence.
In actual job hunting after the internship abroad, I did not feel that having a leave of absence had a negative influence in job hunting. In addition, the vague feeling that I wanted to work overseas after graduation changed to the specifical vision by the experience of the internship abroad. Finally, I was able to get a job with clearer what I was seeking.

Kenshi Suzuki

I have no regrets about taking a leave of absence. Rather, there are a lot of things that seems to be good for taking a leave of absence. The reason is that I had the reason why I wanted to take a leave of absence and the experience during the leave was only positive for me. There were many people who chose to take a leave of absence around me, and because I saw the people enjoying, I never felt uneasy about job hunting and the future cause of taking a leave of absence.

Midori Takahashi

Although I had trouble with being late from graduation one year, in the long-term internship abroad, I could get real experience that I couldn’t get in the university, recognize my assumption, and felt the gap of reality in India. And I felt that my anxiety was a tiny thing compared to what I gained through the internship abroad. And I didn’t regret because I could meet my irreplaceable experience and friends.

Shinnosuke Yoshida

Since I was proud that I could do different things with other people at the time I decided to join the internship abroad, I thought that the delay of graduation was not negative. Actually, I did not regret because my thought was true.

While your friends were doing job hunting, did you have any anxiety about taking an absence and doing the internship abroad?

Tatsuo Yamazaki

I had vague anxiety. Because I thought that taking a leave of absence brought disadvantages in job hunting. When I started my internship abroad, I stopped thinking about it. Also, as there was a person around me who was also taking a leave of absence, there was a sense of security to understand that it was not only myself that I was taking a leave of absence.

Kenshi Suzuki

There was no anxiety. I thought that I could have much better experience in the internship abroad than hob hunting for what I wanted to do in the future. And I felt strongly the expectation rather than anxiety.

Midori Takahashi

Rather, I was worried about doing job hunting without my goal and what I wanted to do. So I did not have anxiety about taking a leave of absence while my friends doing job hunting.

Shinnosuke Yoshida

There was some anxiety. I heard from my friend the hard side of job hunting. When they tried to apply a job post, it was closed and they were not able to respond to interview questions well something like that. However, in the long term, there is no need to narrow down the place of work to one, so I could easily get used to do job hunting after my internship abroad.

Please give your message to university students who have something wrong with job hunting or do job hunting even they have what they want to do.

Tatsuo Yamazaki

I think that you are anxious and require courageous to do different things while your friends are doing job hunting. But by taking courage a little, the world opens. If there is something you are suffering from in yourself, just by talking what you’d like to do to others, and going to an event, I think that you can open the way. Good luck!

Kenshi Suzuki

Don’t think that job hunting is not an absolute option. Those who have a goal, if you see only one path that goes to the goal right now, try looking for other options. Those who don’t have a goal, if you are not convinced about the current state, try looking for a slightly different option. Since there is absolutely not a single goal and the path of what will be the goal in the future, there should be various ways. Afterward a little courage, I think that you can discover another world different from now if you take just one step forward. Do your best!

Midori Takahashi

After graduation, I feel half of my life is work, every day. After graduation, I feel half of my life is work, every day! At such time, if your job is what you want to do, you can get over it no matter how tough it is! Recently, I think straightforwardly that people who are facing straight to what they want to do are really cool! Do not choose your way halfway, first know about yourself firmly and decide face to face with your heart straightforwardly. I think these two are important!

Shinnosuke Yoshida

Since I was not confident of myself, I decided to do an internship abroad in order to do different things from other people and make a difference. What I can say with the experience of the internship abroad is that “what you want to do” is much more important than “what you did”. It was internship abroad that I came to find it.


Four people taking a leave of absence and joining an internship abroad who shared their experiences this time told that they did not regret that they took a leave of absence and did an internship abroad, but I think that there are people who did not go well the challenge while taking a leave of absence and regret about taking a leave of absence and doing an internship abroad. What is common to these four people is that they were able to create their own path after graduation by taking action according to their interests without being swayed by the wave of job hunting.

As Kenshi says, please put in the corner of the head that there is also the option to participate in an internship abroad and to do what you want to by taking a leave of absence, don’t think job hunting is the only option.

Four people who shared their experiences have also written their experiences of the internship abroad.
For those who are interested, please have a look at these articles as well. You can find the details of their journey of the internship abroad while taking a leave of absence.

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