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by BookMeBus

Job Description

BookMeBus is a rapidly growing startup from Cambodia. For that reason, we are recruiting interns for many occupations such as accounting, design, sales/marketing, and engineering. If you pass our interview and decide to do an intern at BookMeBus, we will assign you to the most appropriate occupation based on your major and previous experience in order to have you demonstrate your best capacity and power.

Working terms and conditions

Term More than 3 months
Working hours Monday - Friday(08:00 - 12:00, 13:30 - 17:00), Saturday(Half-day)
Salary Negotiable
Work location Phnom Penh City (Cambodia)
Requirements 1. English
2. Knowledge in using Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, etc.)
3. Experience with online purchasing before
4. Being able to travel out of office and meet new people
5. Strong commitment & willing to learn new technology
6. Responsibility
Features Local Startup, Tech Startup, Paid internship, Open to College Undergraduates, Full-time staff opportunity

What we do

BookMeBus is a fast growing startup that provides a travel booking portal such as bus, ferry, train, and air tickets.

Through our service, we help travelers and businessmen to get their ticket easier and more convenient than ever before.

Why we do

Our vision is to make every means of transportation bookable online.

The reason why we came up with this idea is in Cambodia people only had two ways to get their bus ticket booked.

The first option is to go to the ticket office and buy a ticket directly from the counter.

The second option is to call bus companies one by one to check seat availability and time of departure. Once it's confirmed, you have to go to the office one hour before to make the payment.

Unlike other countries, there's no centralized bus station in Cambodia and different bus companies are located in different places. So in order to reserve a bus ticket, people have to travel very far and it takes time. For any businessman, one hour is too important to waste.

What you can learn

Learn with dynamic Agile team
Get to know startup environment and culture
Work with Cambodian Young Entrepreneur and Co-create new values to Cambodia with Cambodian entrepreneur
Working with top talents in emerging country Cambodia, Realize that my rivals are not just friends who are studying together in the lecture room but also coevals in Cambodia
Get to know emerging country's business

Recommended for

Want to develop business in the future in developing countries and emerging countries
Want to work at startup
Want to try out how much my power is communicable abroad
Want to achieve overwhelming growth

Manager Profile

Mr. Langda Chea

He is one of the Cambodian young entrepreneurs strongly believing in the idea of “Travelling can change the world”. He enrolled in BA Information Technology at the Royal University of Phnom Penh and BA Education at the Institute of Foreign Language. In grade three, he started working as a freelance web designer and did lots of travel. After experiencing a few jobs, he established his own company in 2015 and launched BookMeBus in October the same year. BMB offers a centralized platform for booking bus and ferry tickets. It connects popular destinations national wide and also several international cities in neighboring countries, enabling both foreign and domestic travelers to get their tickets easier and smoother. In February 2016, the company hit the break-even point only four months after the service release. The rapid growth is grabbing the attention of international investors.

BookMeBus CEO, Langda's Interview:

Company Profile

Representative Mr. Langda Chea
Established 05/2015
No. of employees 10
Location Phnom Penh City

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