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Python Programmer Wanted!



Job Description

CONPATH, we have operated 6-Month Internship Program at Cambodian Startup and Startup & Tech media to boost Cambodian startup growth in terms of human resources supply and awareness expansion.

In addition to these projects, we will launch new services. After you pass our interview, you will be in charge of developing our new services with Python.

Working terms and conditions

Term Long term is preferable
Working hours We are looking for interns, part-time staff, and full-time staff.
Salary Based on your experience (Negotiable)
Work location Phnom Penh (Cambodia)
Requirements MUST:
1. Have an experience of Android App Development
2. Able to write/read HTML5/CSS3/Javascript
3. Passionate and love challenging yourself out of comfort by working under pressure, solving problems, and achieving goals
4. Able to use Google Document, Google Spreadsheet well
5. Able to read, speak & listen English well

1. Studied IT at University
2. Worked in Android App Development
3. Passionate and love Startup
Features Work experience is not necessary, Startup, Working at Co-working Space

What we do

Based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, we are creating a business to create “confidence" and "conviction" through experiences and to increase the number of people who can create their own path for the future.

To achieve this goal, we have operated “Startup Internship Program in Cambodia“ so far to provide internship opportunity at Cambodian Startups for foreign students and convert the experiences of interns to "confidence" and "confidence” and we are developing new services.

Now we are preparing new services: Education Platform and Business Matching Platform.

1. Education Platform
We aim to equalize the opportunity gap in Education for all through this service. With this platform, students can get information about University, Major, Scholarship, Internship and so on to find the best option for them. In addition to this, we will offer Crowd Funding Service on this platform for students and students can make their own scholarship by their own presentation.

2. Business Matching Platform
Most of the companies in Cambodia have their own Facebook page but 70% of them don't have their website. So it's hard to find the best business partner now

Why we do

When I traveled around the world in 2012, I did internship in Cambodia. At that time my Cambodian colleague told "Because you are a Japanese, you can do it. But I am a Cambodian, I do not have education, so I can not do it"

Then, I started holding the question of "Will birth or growing environment decide the possibility of the future?", and it was the beginning that I thought it would be boring if so.

We create "confidence" and "conviction" through experiences, because we think these two things are important for people to create their own path for the future.

We think that there are two steps to be able to create own path for the future like the following,
we think that it is "confidence" and "conviction" that become the key to go beyond this step.

1st step: The future ideal figure is unclear → The future ideal figure is clear, there is anxiety
2nd step: The future ideal figure is clear, there is anxiety → The future ideal figure is clear, taking a step forward

"Confidence" as “Is not it manageable?”,
"Confidence" as “I am sure going this way”

And we believe that it is only from individual experiences, neither reading nor schooling that can obtain them.

Therefore, we are developing business “To make experience" and “To convert ‘experience’ to ‘confidence’ and ‘conviction’”.

What you can learn

If you join our journey, you will get the following experiences.

1. Experience of working at a Japanese startup
2. Experience of developing new services with Python
3. Make a big impact on Education and Business Efficiency in Cambodia
4. Create a new business from zero with an entrepreneur
5. Learn Python and other programming languages

After working with us, you will be an entrepreneurial-minded person and have the confidence to launch your own business and app.

Recommended for

If you are suited for the following points, you should apply for this offer and join our entrepreneurial journey.

1. Want to start your own startup in the future
2. Have a passion for IT and developing Android App
3. Interested in Education or Business Efficiency

Manager Profile

Takumi Uriuhara

Endangered species with only 6 more households in the world.
Take a temporary absence from school at the same time as entering the master course in 2012 and leave for one-year trip around the world.
In that journey, I have worked internship in NGO for half a year in Cambodia.

My colleagues at the intern told me, "Because you are a Japanese, you can do it. But I am a Cambodian, I do not have education, so I can not do it" After the saying, I aim to create the society, all people can create their own path for the future.
First of all, I thought that I would act, so I dropped out of Tokyo Institute of Technology and moved to Cambodia in 2014 even I had little money and practical experience .
Now based in Phnom Penh, I'm running One-stop production service and Startup Internship Program in Cambodia"CONPATH".
My motto is "Create my own path for the future".

Company Profile

Representative Takumi Uriuhara
Established July 2015
No. of employees 3
Location Phnom Penh

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