Environment changes you! 3 insights I got through internship in India

[:ja]吉田[:][:en]Shinnosuke[:] [:ja]真之介[:][:en]Yoshida[:]

by Shinnosuke Yoshida

I’m Shinnosuke Yoshida did an internship abroad in India. From March 2014 to February 2015, I did an internship at a travel agency and an educational NGO for a half year each.
In this article, I’ll let you know 3 things what I learned through various experiences in India.

1. Don’t wait. Think yourself!

What I learned during the internship in India was the importance of “Thinking everything by myself and acting”. Working in India actually, it was hard to get opportunities to be assigned to projects which would make me grow. At the beginning of the internship, I faced PC and did office work such as data organization every day. I understood these were one of the important tasks but to be honest, it was difficult to keep my motivation.

So, I tried to find tasks I would be able to do. And I consulted my boss and refined the idea repeatedly. Then, two months later, I made a proposal to reach Japanese companies with using my advantage of the strengths what I am Japanese. I used to my work in the first two months and I became to have room to see the entire project. Then I consider what I would be able to do and I started to want to be a helpful person in the company from the bottom of my heart.

2. Set a goal as you have to do 20% more than your best

During my internship in India, when I went over my own limit, I felt my capacity developed. Even I had thought I would not accomplish at the beginning, but I could carry out with tenacious efforts and achieve goals somehow, then I felt I could overcome one obstacle.
At the beginning of the internship, I didn’t understand English business conversations and didn’t have any sales experiences. So I did phone calls to Japanese companies in India every single day. I was overburdened with tension and anxiety but I was used to day by day and I became to be confident. Six months had passed and then I got guts to do a presentation in English at a business partner company.

I didn’t make my own limit and tried to do my best to achieve the goal. That’s why I got a mentality to try everything without hesitation now.

3. There are no projects to be done alone!

Insight, importance of support

The reason why I have been able to develop my capacity was great supports by surrounding people. I learned it is important to get help from others to achieve goals.

During the internship in India, I met various people regardless nationalities and ages. They had different backgrounds and they involved in what they could do. Through spending days with such people, I got huge inspiration from them and it gave me a sense of impending crisis, “Is it OK I keep going this way?”

Originally, I was a type that I didn’t ask help and held troubles alone. However, through experiences of a lot of failures during the internship in India, I learned how to rely on and get advises from others. Moreover, the experience of working with people having different cultures taught me the different work cultures in other countries.

Environment changes you!

Vary substantially depending on environment

Through this one year experience in India, I become to think that I will live my whole life with a high goal. Even if I think that I can not do, there were many things I could do surprisingly if I challenge. I got such experiences in India.

By embarking on a hard environment with your own decision and going out your comfort zone, you will definitely find your new side.

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