Uber tests its service in Cambodia

Uber tests its service in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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by Takumi Uriuhara

It’s Takumi from CONPATH. I introduced Cambodian local ride-hailing apps on the other article before and Uber has not entered in Cambodia at that time though, finally, Uber came to Cambodia and started its service test in Phnom Penh.

The article I introduced a local ride-hailing app.

Don’t Know Whether Succeed Or Fail, But Take Quick Action: Pioneer Of Uber-like Apps In Cambodia, Mr. Daluch & Ms. Annabel

I tried Uber in Phnom Penh today and I talked with Cambodian Uber driver.
So I’ll share with you how Uber worked in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and how Cambodian Uber driver feels Uber.

Uber VS Cambodian local ride-hailing apps

How Uber works in Cambodia

I have used Uber in Thailand and Vietnam before. The experience of Uber in Cambodia was pretty good as I experienced in those countries.

In Cambodia, there are many Uber-like apps existing already though, most of them are not stable and don’t accept credit card payment. Furthermore, sometimes local ride-hailing apps froze and I couldn’t call a taxi.

On the other hand, Uber was stable also in Cambodia and accepted credit card payment. It was convenient more than other Cambodian local ride-hailing apps.

Now it’s in the test period and Uber provides Free Ride coupon so actually, I don’t know Uber pricing in Cambodia.

As you know the pricing affects Cambodian users’ decision, Uber or local ride-hailing apps which they will choose.
But in the term of user experience, I think Uber is better than other local ride-hailing apps.

I used Uber 2 times today and Taxi arrived in 2 mins in both cases. So also in the term of waiting time, Uber was pretty good.

The Voice of Cambodian Uber driver

The Voice of Cambodian Uber driver

As I told above, I had a short conversation with Cambodian Uber driver. I’ll share how the driver feels Uber.

How do you feel Uber?

Good. I prefer Uber than other local ride-hailing apps.

Why do you prefer Uber?

Although Uber has only just started its service in Phnom Penh, I have been able to get lots of customers.
Actually, I had used local ride-hailing apps before but I prefer Uber for this reason.

How do you receive money from Uber?

They send money to my bank account.

How did you know Uber started its service in Cambodia?

My friend told me.


In my experience of using both of Uber and local ride-hailing apps, Uber is better than others in terms of user interface and user experience.

Local ride-hailing apps have tried to instill ride-hailing apps in Cambodia with using lots of time and money. By the effort of this, many Cambodian people become to know what is the ride-hailing app and how it works now. So Uber don’t need to teach Cambodian people how Uber works or what is Uber. They can save lots of time and money.

I don’t know yet the pricing of Uber and whether Uber will enter Cambodian ride-hailing market.
But if Uber decides to enter Cambodia, I think it’s hard to compete Uber for local ride-hailing apps.

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