Pioneer Of Uber-like Apps In Cambodia: Mr. Daluch & Ms. Annabel

Don’t Know Whether Succeed Or Fail, But Take Quick Action: Pioneer Of Uber-like Apps In Cambodia, Mr. Daluch & Ms. Annabel

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by Yusuke Imamura

The ride-hailing app service has been spreading rapidly and widely around the world due to its comfortableness and convenience. Of course, Cambodia isn’t the exception to this trend. Here in Cambodia, there are already more than 5 Uber-like ride-hailing apps competing each other.

The pioneer of the ride-hailing service in Cambodia is a pair of young entrepreneurs, Mr. Daluch and Ms. Annabel. They developed “EXNET Taxi Cambodia” (EXNET) which is the first ride-hailing service in Cambodia in June 2016. After master’s degree in Entrepreneurship and Project Management, Mr. Daluch has developed his business in some other sectors.

Why were Mr. Daluch and Ms. Annabel able to develop the first ride-hailing app service in Cambodia? And how story or principles are lying behind this pioneer action? I tried to figure out these two auspicious entrepreneurs through this interview.

Yusuke: I heard EXNET is the first ride-hailing service in Cambodia. But, what exactly is EXNET?

Annabel, running EXNET with Daluch

Annabel: Yes, EXNET is the first ride-hailing service in Cambodia that start from June 2016. EXNET is a very comfortable and convenient transportation service.
For the last several years, there are only old-fashioned means of transportation such as tuk-tuk, ordinary meter taxi or motordop (motor taxi) in Cambodia. Unlike these conventional transportation systems in Cambodia, EXNET enables customers to call a taxi by using EXNET app. When a driver receives the request, he goes to pick up a customer by using the GPS and mapping system of the app. The location of the customer and driver is continuously updated and the arrival time is also shown on the app. Furthermore, the customers can set their destination on the app map before riding.

EXNET does not have its own vehicles but takes a contract with freelance drivers. Around 500 drivers have registered our app and around 2,000 people have downloaded our app at this moment. EXNET provide its service 24 hours, and most of our consumers are foreigners.

EXNET Taxi Cambodia, the first ride-hailing apps in Cambodia

In the situation entrusting the quality of your ride-hailing service to the freelance drivers, how do you maintain and develop its quality of service?

Annabel: Actually, to do business with freelance drivers is a big challenge. But we have a strict rule and policy so that the drivers use our app in an appropriate way. If a driver charges an extra fee or doesn’t go to pick up a customer, we would receive a complaint or feedback from this customer. Then, we impose a penalty on the driver.
Almost all of our drivers understand the risk of breaking our rule and the responsibility to customers, so we can maintain and develop our quality of service.
Thus, the complaint and feedback from customers play an essential role to improve our service.

What change do you want to bring to Cambodian society through EXNET?

Annabel: We want to introduce convenient, safe and affordable transportation system to Cambodia. For foreigners, especially tourists, to bargain with tuk-tuk or motordop is very hard and tiresome. Sometimes they charge unfair fare in spite of a short trip.
Although a number of innovational business model and technology are incessantly introduced in the world, Cambodia is still old-fashioned. So we want to commit the development of Cambodia by introducing new technology and business model like EXNET.

As you said, there is still room for further development of transportation systems in Cambodia.
So what are the strengths of EXNET?

Annabel: First of all, our strongest point is to launch the ride-hailing service faster than anyone in Cambodia. When some competitors started their service, we already had a lot of drivers and customers. And our quality of service is also higher than others because as I mentioned previously, most our drivers understand how to use our app appropriately and have responsibility for customers, so I can say they are professional drivers.

Daluch: It is true that we already have some competitors, but our quality and quantity of service is ahead of them because we have more experiences and strategies of ride-hailing service than any other in Cambodia.

As soon as find an opportunity, implement it

Do you have some experiences that inspired you to found EXNET?

Daluch encountered Uber in Vietnam

Daluch: First, I knew the presence of meter-taxi outside the country, and I was impressed by this good business model. But, to purchase or collect vehicles and to hire drivers by ourselves take enormous cost and time. And it was not obvious that I could get a lot of customers even if I could collect all capitals to start the business.
But next, I encountered “Uber” in Vietnam and Philippine. I was affected by this sophisticated business model and especially by this reasonable fare. When I went to back here, immediately I started to prepare to found EXNET, because I knew that in that time ride-hailing service hadn’t still existed in Cambodia. Although I didn’t know whether this new business could succeed or not, I took quick action in order not to miss this opportunity.

Annabel: It was not until 2016 that we started everything like conceiving the idea of EXNET and preparing for organizing EXNET.

Why were you able to be the pioneer of the ride-hailing service in Cambodia?

Daluch: We dared to use outsource app. For us, an app is just a tool to implement our business model. And to develop our own app takes much cost and time.
I think in business, the most important thing is to act quickly as I promptly established EXNET since I had thought of an idea of EXNET. Before launching EXNET, I applied ”SWOT analysis” and as a result of this, I knew that the superiority of opportunity and strength were much higher than that of weakness and threat. Then, I decided to found EXNET as soon as possible.
I believe my business model that attaches importance to quick action was the crucial factor of making EXNET the first ride-hailing app service in Cambodia.

How to overcome Uber when the leader of the ride-hailing app enter the Cambodian market?

I think sooner or later Uber will launch its service in Cambodia because Uber’s representative met with Commerce minister of Cambodia. How will you compete with this big rival?

Annabel: At the moment, Uber is just on a step of surveying the market in Cambodia. Everything is not still obvious. But what we can do now is to continue to improve and strengthen our service.

Daluch: At the present time, we can’t know what kinds of service and strategy Uber will use in Cambodia. But frankly, I am waiting for its arrival, because when we know Uber’s service or strategy, we can take effective measures.

The key to being the first person in business

Do you have some advice to young entrepreneurs and developers in Cambodia and foreign countries?

Message from Daluch, working for a small company

Daluch: Please acquire various kinds of skill and knowledge such as marketing, accounting, politics, advertisement, technology, IT, promotion, law, tax…too many to count. But as an entrepreneur or developer who is independent of others, the more skills and knowledge you have, the more things you can do. As I mentioned, in business, you cannot be too quick to take action. When you decide what you want to do, you should do it right now.
Next, I recommend you work for a company before you become an independent entrepreneur or a developer. There are two reasons:

1. To absorb a lot of skills and knowledge from competent bosses in the company. Moreover, as a successful entrepreneur; Mr. Jack Ma says, work for a small company is a better choice. This is because, in a small company, you would engage in many programs or services and would gain various kind of skills and knowledge.
I have ever worked for a small company, and I could take charge of a lot of business and operations at the same time.

2. To save money for your business in the future. Furthermore, when you start your business, it is better to have another income. I have ever involved a lot of business and knew that business always needs a large amount of money and money can easily exhaust.

Message from Annabel, break out of your shell

Annabel: To have different kinds of perspectives. Sometimes you should break out of your shell. And something new is frequently produced by collaboration with different perspectives. Though at first to start something new might be a big challenge, at the end it will become a big advantage.

Daluch Hor, Founder and Chairman of EXNET Taxi Cambodia

Daluch Hor, Founder and Chairman of EXNET Taxi Cambodia

He is also a freelance consultant for buying items from U.S and Procurement and Contract Specialist of EU procedure. Graduated from RULE-French Cooperation university of Lyon and Lille with master’s degree in Entrepreneurship and Project Management.
In June 2016, he founded EXNET Taxi Cambodia that is the first ride-hailing service in Cambodia. And her wife, Annabel is a proficient manager of EXNET.
They aim to contribute the development of Cambodia by introducing convenient, safe and affordable transportation means.

Editor’s Note

Daluch is a cool-headed person and has hard thinking. Through this interview, I had an impression that Daluch has not only a profound insight but also boldness in a business. Each and every word of him was persuasive and coherent. Furthermore, he always looks for innovative and progressive business model that is worth to introduce to Cambodia.
On the other hand, Annabel is a very gentle woman, but she also has steady principles in a business.

Both of Daluch and Annabel are sociable and well-mannered but I felt their strong passion for changing Cambodian society better and better by their business. I was delighted to interview these two young entrepreneurs who succeed at the forefront in Cambodia.

Review: EXNET Taxi Cambodia, The Cambodian First Ride-Hailing App Like Uber

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