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Job Description

CONPATH aims to create “confidence” and “conviction” through experiences and increase the number of people who can create their own path for the future.

As one of the project, we are running “Startup Internship Program in Cambodia” which connect Cambodian Startups and foreign university students and provide internship opportunities.

CONPATH has mainly dealt with “Internship at Foreign companies in Cambodia”, but we are steering up “Internship at Cambodian Startups”.
There are two reasons for steering this way.

1. It’s difficult to meet the excellent local people through the internship at Foreign companies
I used to do the internship in Cambodia before, but there are words left under the impression when the boss told me at that time.

“Foreign interns and Cambodian managers are bout the same level”

It means that there were no excellent Cambodian colleagues far beyond ourselves. CONPATH regards this as a big opportunity loss.

If born in a developed country, I think that there are aspects that will inevitably look down developing countries like Cambodia. If you do an internship at a foreign company that does not have excellent people in such a mind, I think you might feel ”Cambodia is like this". You just do not meet an excellent person.

CONPATH think that when foreign students do the internship at Cambodian Startup, they can get a great awareness that “There are superior persons overwhelmingly superior to myself in the country I had overlooked. My rival is not only friends sitting next to me in the lecture room at my university but also Cambodian young people and if I can’t overtake them, my future will be in danger”
This awareness is difficult to obtain at an intern at a Foreign company in Cambodia.

2. ​Phnom Penh’s Startup scene is interesting
In Phnom Penh Cambodians in the 20s and 30s who are launching startups are increasing, as Western organizations conduct entrepreneurship development programs and the Cambodian mentality to own their business overlap. Many of the startups are small grains, but they are struggling every day to create value that is not yet in Cambodia.

Do an internship at Cambodian Startup and create value that is not yet in Cambodia with Cambodian entrepreneurs.
We think that foreign students can learn from them who are creating their own path for the future is tremendously large and invaluable.

Interns who join CONPATH will be responsible for work related to discovering hot Cambodian Startups and acquiring users of services.
Will not you disseminate the unique service "CONPATH" that provides Internship Program at Cambodian Startups, and will produce "people who can create their own path for the future"?

Working terms and conditions

Term 6 month~ (Depending on negotiation you can also intern only during school holidays)
Working hours 8 hours per day, 2 days off every week
Salary Offer housing
Work location Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Requirements 1. English
2. Basic skills of computer
3. Strong commitment
4. Responsibility
Features Startup, Paid internship, Open to College Undergraduates

What we do

Based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, we are creating a business to create “confidence" and "conviction" through experiences and to increase the number of people who can create their own path for the future. Specifically, we are doing ”one-stop production service" as a place to create work experience for Cambodian young people and “Startup Internship Program in Cambodia“ to provide internship opportunity at Cambodian Startups for foreign students and convert the experiences of interns to "confidence" and "confidence” and we are developing new services.

In order to maximize the quality of the internship abroad, CONPATH assign people who lives in Cambodia as a mentor of the intern and have a dialogue among the mentor and the intern to convert the intern’s experience to “confidence" and "conviction”.

Why we do

When I traveled around the world in 2012, I did internship in Cambodia. At that time my Cambodian colleague told "Because you are a Japanese, you can do it. But I am a Cambodian, I do not have education, so I can not do it"

Then, I started holding the question of "Will birth or growing environment decide the possibility of the future?", and it was the beginning that I thought it would be boring if so.

We create "confidence" and "conviction" through experiences, because we think these two things are important for people to create their own path for the future.

We think that there are two steps to be able to create own path for the future like the following,
we think that it is "confidence" and "conviction" that become the key to go beyond this step.

1st step: The future ideal figure is unclear → The future ideal figure is clear, there is anxiety
2nd step: The future ideal figure is clear, there is anxiety → The future ideal figure is clear, taking a step forward

"Confidence" as “Is not it manageable?”,
"Confidence" as “I am sure going this way”

And we believe that it is only from individual experiences, neither reading nor schooling that can obtain them.

Therefore, we are developing business “To make experience" and “To convert ‘experience’ to ‘confidence’ and ‘conviction’”.

What you can learn

You can get an extreme experience of opening up a way with the lack of resources at the beginning of the term and the environment where the infrastructure of developing countries is not in place.

By collaborating with people who grew up in different environments, the viewpoint and the range of communication will broaden.

Recommended for

· People who want to start their own business in the future
· People who want to feel about Southeast Asia now with skin
· Travelers who want to live in Asia
· People who are interested in human resources and education
· People who want to interview Cambodian entrepreneurs
· People who want to experience WEB marketing

Manager Profile

Takumi Uriuhara

Endangered species with only 6 more households in the world.
Take a temporary absence from school at the same time as entering the master course in 2012 and leave for one-year trip around the world.
In that journey, I have worked internship in NGO for half a year in Cambodia.

My colleagues at the intern told me, "Because you are a Japanese, you can do it. But I am a Cambodian, I do not have education, so I can not do it" After the saying, I aim to create the society, all people can create their own path for the future.
First of all, I thought that I would act, so I dropped out of Tokyo Institute of Technology and moved to Cambodia in 2014 even I had little money and practical experience .
Now based in Phnom Penh, I'm running One-stop production service and Startup Internship Program in Cambodia"CONPATH".
My motto is "Create my own path for the future".


Company Profile

Representative Takumi Uriuhara
Established July 2015
No. of employees 1
Location Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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