Report: Tried ANA’s Narita – Phnom Penh direct flight

[:ja]甲斐[:][:en]Kai[:] [:ja]雄一郎[:][:en]Yuichiro[:]

by Kai Yuichiro

Narita – Phnom Penh direct flight was launched by ANA at the end of September 2016

Good evening. It is Yuichiro Kai who experienced internship in Siem Reap, Cambodia.
I have been visiting Cambodia when my work is off since I finished my internship. Since this month ANA made the direct flight of Narita – Phnom Penh into service, I flew to Phnom Penh by the direct flight of ANA at this time.

In this article I will report my experience.

Ticket Purchase and Check In

Flight tickets can be purchased from the following ANA site.

1. Firstly select dates

Firstly select dates on the website

2. Tariff schedule will be displayed with the schedule before and after
A price list will also be shown with the schedule before and after

3. Confirm seat availability in selected schedule *When fewer seats are available, the number of remaining seats is displayed
Confirm seat availability in the selected schedule

4. Confirm details of the amount and service contents on the final screen, select detailed conditions, complete with credit payment
Confirmed the details of the conditions and completed by credit payment

I could purchase a ticket at around 600 USD including a service charge of 50 USD.

When I arrived at the airport, I issued an automatic check-in and issue a ticket.


Tickets can be issued by reading the reservation number or two-dimensional barcode* and reading the passport.
*It is necessary to carry out WEB check-in in advance

Issue a ticket

A seal was printed for the baggage so I put it on my luggage and deposited it with a counter.

After departure inspection, I exchanged the necessary dollar for visa acquisition after arrival at the airport,

Boarding starts at 25:00 for departure at 10:50.

In-flight service. Three movies related to Cambodia.

The seat is comfortable in size
The seat was quite normal and comfortable.

Before takeoff, it is possible to monitor operation and you can watch movies and programs.
For the new campaign, there are three programs named after Cambodia.
“We can not change the world,” “Tomb Raider”, “I am sorry for the private lancer of Higashino and Okamura … – Journey in Cambodia -”

Three Cambodian related movies included in recorded movies

Water and snacks are offered one hour after boarding, and you can order freely from the following drink menu after an hour and a half.
*refreshing drinks and snacks

Drinks and snacks are free - ANA Narita - Take a direct flight to Phnom Penh

Offer meals in two hours. Below, you can choose from 2 types of Waza.

Select meals from 2 types of Japanese and Western - ANA Narita - Take a direct flight to Phnom Penh

All other options are free.

There are other options - ANA Narita - I tried a direct flight to Phnom Penh

When I spend my time freely watching movies and listening to music, I arrived in Phnom Penh in 6 hours 20 minutes. (10:50 to 17:10)
I get off the plane and take a small bus to the terminal.

Change to a small bus to the terminal - ANA Narita - Take a direct flight to Phnom Penh

Comparison with connecting flights

If you are going to Cambodia so far, you need to make connections such as Bangkok, Thailand, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

In case of via Bangkok, it takes 7 hours 15 minutes by Haneda ~ Bangkok, it takes 5 hours 30 minutes by Haneda ~ Ho Chi Minh, and it takes 2 hours by Haneda ~ Ho Chi Minh to transfer and preparing for connecting, then another 1 hour by airplane to Cambodia from there It took a total of 8 to 10 hours to do so.
Especially Bangkok airport is quite wide, it is quite physical difficulty to move after arrival.
Considering the trouble and time, the direct flight is considerably convenient and recommended.
*For business purposes, arrive at Phnom Penh at 15:10 and arrive late in the late afternoon

About VISA

After arrival, we need to prepare a photograph and 30 dollars to get sightseeing VISA.
There is an ATM near the VISA counter, so if you have a PLUS compatible cash card you can withdraw it on the spot.

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