BookMeBus enabled people to buy bus tickets with Wing agents

BookMeBus, Cambodian Online Ticketing Platform Tries to Reach More Local with Wing

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by Takumi Uriuhara

BookMeBus (BMB), Cambodian startup providing the most user-friendly online ticketing platform here, enabled people to buy bus tickets of 30+ transportation companies in Cambodia at Wing Cash Xpress with Wing.



Wing is Cambodia’s leading mobile banking services provider. Wing has more than 5,000 agents nationwide in Cambodia.

BMB has offered website, Android app, and iOS app, so customers needed the internet when they buy bus tickets with BMB. Since before collaboration, BMB will reach more local people and provide them the easier way to buy bus tickets without the internet, with no extra fee.

I asked some questions to BMB and got answers, so I’ll describe them below.

CONPATH: Which type of ticket will customers receive? E-ticket, M-ticket, or receive paper ticket at Wing agent?

BMB: With Wing agent, for now customers or passengers will receive M-ticket. Soon we will have a BMB QR code ticket for our customers buy tickets through this kind of agent so that our bus’s inspectors can monitor passengers’ attendant by scanning the QR code for checking in using our mobile app.

Can customers buy tickets on behalf of others?

Sure customers buy tickets on behalf of others. They just need to tell the agent of the passenger’s phone number so that the mobile ticket (M-Ticket) will be sent to the passenger in order to use for boarding the bus.

Do customers need to pay any extra fee more than they buy tickets on

No, they don’t. The ticket fare display on BookMeBus’ website, mobile app and Wing Cash Xpress are as the same as buying directly from the bus counters.

At Wing agent, can customers buy all bus companies’ tickets on BookMeBus?

Yes, 30+ bus companies that they can choose. And these 30+ bus operators cover 25 cities and provinces in Cambodia plus to neighboring countries.

The Locations of Wing Agents

You can find Wing Agents location from the following link.

At Wing Agents, there is a label as it is on the upper left of the photo below. So you can find easily.

The mark that this Wing agent offers BookMeBus ticket selling

When I try this new way, I’ll write another article. So I hope you to keep reading our articles, thanks.

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BookMeBus is the rapid growing startup in Cambodia running an online ticketing platform.


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