For Startups

Need more human resources to go a step further? Let’s cooperate with CONPATH.

What is the benefit for startups?

Startups will get two benefits from CONPATH.

  1. Hire passionate young interns for FREE
  2. Startups can hire passionate young interns for FREE. We don’t charge any fees right now.

  3. Promote products and services on CONPATH website
  4. If your startup signs up to CONPATH, we will introduce your startup and service on our website.
    You will be able to reach new people through our articles.


We ask startups 4 things before publishing the internship offer.

  1. Receive our interview
  2. We put importance on that startups and interns meet based on passion and vision.
    To realize this, we ask the startup founder to receive our interview before publishing the internship offer.
    Reference: BookMeBus CEO, Langda’s interview

  3. Talk with your intern regulary
  4. One of the big factors that interns can’t create values is decreasing motivation. To prevent it, we ask startups to talk with interns regularly.

  5. Answer our questionaires
  6. Our internship program has not only the side of boosting startups but also the side of education.
    To monitor and track interns’ capability, we ask startups to answer our questionnaires few times.

  7. Fill our internship offer format
  8. This is the last one. Startups have to fill out internship offer format to make passionate youngers understand startups well and meet based on passion and vision.

    Reference: BookMeBus’s offer page

What is CONPATH?

We organize 6-month internship program at startups.
Through our internship program, we aim not only boosting startups but also producing entrepreneur-minded people.

Want to hire passionate interns?

If you want to hire passionate interns, feel free to contact us!



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