Youth with Impact, The Inspiring Night for Youth

Sreymom Bun

by Sreymom Bun

Youth with Impact was held this Tuesday at Impact Hub with five inspiring speakers telling stories of how to follow your dreams.

“The purpose of this event is to inspire young people from inspiring role models through the different way of expression. We want to picture people follow their dream instead of what society or parents told them,” said Ms. Melanie Mossard, Community Director at Impact Hub.

The first speaker, Ms. Cheav Vitak, Public Relations head of Humanity Helping Hands told that life is meaningful when you can help others’ dream to complete. Her team has conducted community work and found out the work is their happiness in lives.

The second speaker, Ms. Thon Thavry, Proper Woman author was born on a remote island along the Bassac river which has no access to electricity and water. She lived in an environment where girls are told not to continue further education, but she broke through all those obstacles and went to study scholarship in the Czech Republic. She has published four books in many languages.

Ms. Thon Thavry, Proper Woman author

“If I want to change the world, I have to start within Cambodia. With honesty, love, clear vision and understand the history, people will finally understand and accept us,” said the third speaker, Cambodian born in California – Mr. Ok Prumsodun, Artistic Director of NATYARASA, Cambodia’s first gay dance company. Despite the social pressure on his preferences, he still manages to preserve Khmer classical dance and re-stage the dance with contemporary to make it innovative on local and international stage.

Mr. Ok Prumsodun, Artistic Director of NATYARASA

“My dream was pressured by society and family that actually influence by the society thought. They told me that the success is when you can do business and earn money. But that is not me, what is me is I like to tell stories; it can be film, music, and writing,” said the fourth speaker, Mr. Chong Siev Phin, an independent filmmaker, “The important thing is the belief, believe in yourself and try to do what you love.”

The fifth speaker, Ms. Rithy Lomorkesor, Smallworld Smallband Vocalist said, “I was hurt because I was listening to other people. We have to have time for ourselves to find inner peace; talk to yourself and create your own definition of success and happiness instead of what society has set for you. Follow your definition and you will live peacefully.”

Mr. Savin Sovat, the fourth-year Medical student at UHS told that “The event is the best. They have a good environment and good speakers. After listening to the speakers, I realize my passion that is hidden inside of me that I want to make a film. I also learn how they all deal with their family and society, fighting for their dream.”

Youth with Impact is an event series that you can get inspiration from talented young Cambodians.
Follow this event organizer, Impact Hub Phnom Penh’s Facebook Page and get the notification of the next inspiration.

You can ask speakers and dig their journey.

It is you that get inspiration next.

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