2nd Regional Business Contest

Scan Siev Phov won 2nd Regional Business Contest

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CJCC organized 2nd Regional Business Contest today and 11 contestants gathered from Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam and pitched business plans.

Then, Scan Sien Phov from Cambodia won this contest.

Winners of 2nd Regional Business Contest

1st Place: Scan Siev Phov (Cambodia)

Because of the printing cost, students in Asia have not afforded colorful books. All photos in the books are black and white and not attractive. Then they created an app that scans the black and white pictures in Khmer high student books and links to the internet resources such images, videos, and 3D models for the student to see in their phone in front of them.

2nd Place: Cambodia Luxury Arts (Cambodia)

“In Cambodia, during the Khmer Empire period, our culture was at its peak with the Angkor Wat as the evidence. Today, it is far from its formidable state and it’s been declining gradually that we must take actions to save our culture.”

3rd Place: Padaek Nakai Factoryiz (Laos)

“Padaek is a traditional Lao seasoning, since we, young generation don’t know the real history of its existing, who and how it was made in the past until present days. Previously, people usually made Padeak for their own consumption when they have fish more than the need of the family, in the past it wasn’t a problem to make Padaek at home but nowadays the situation is changed, many people have no access to the raw materials or there is not enough fish as in the past and the environment does not permit them to do by themselves. Therefore, the only one easy way is to buy it.”

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