Regional Pitch Event by CJCC

CJCC will hold a regional pitch event on July 22

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by Takumi Uriuhara

Cambodian-Japan Cooperation Center (CJCC) will hold a regional pitch event on July 22.
Last year, Lao-Japan Institute organized the 1st event so this year is the 2nd year.

11 teams will gather from Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia and pitch their business plan tomorrow in Phnom Penh.
It’s a public event so if you are interested in, fill the online registration form below.

Online Registration:


1. To strengthen educational institutions networks in the region, particularly among Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam

2. To create viable entrepreneurs regionally in the era of the ASEAN Economic Integration the region

3. To seek for possibility of putting some fund or credit to the prize winners in the future


*You can visit and leave anytime.

8:00-8:30 Registration+Refreshment, Judge Committee Meeting
8:30-8:40 MC Introduction + National Anthem
8:40-8:50 Opening speech by CJCC-Director
8:50-8:55 Ground Rules by MC
8:55-9:00 Introduction of the judges
9:00-10:00 Pitch (2 teams)
10:00-10:15 Coffee Break
10:15-11:45 Pitch (3 teams)
11:45-13:30 Lunch
13:30-15:30 Pitch (4 teams)
15:30-15:45 Coffee Break
15:45-17:15 Pitch (3 teams)
17:15-17:30 Judges+Organizers Scoring Meeting
17:30-18:00 Announcement of winners, Presenting awards, Comments from judges, Group photos
18:00-18:05 Closing Speech by CJCC-Chief Advisor
19:00-19:10 Welcome dinner by CJCC-Director
19:10-19:15 Propose a toast by JICA-HQ Representative
19:15-20:30 Networking Dinner

Participant teams

  1. Pharmaly (Camnodia)
  2. Pharmily is the first specialized service company to provide the solutions to all existing local pharmacies in order to solve all their challenges such as stock management and other pharmacies system development. Pharmily was born with the passion to innovate and conserve all local pharmacies with the new pharmacies system development, allowing all general public to experience a better health care service.

    Unlike other businesses who establish pharmacy stores, Pharmily is not competing with those existing pharmacies as we aim to improve the quality of all pharmacies to provide a better healthcare service to the public. Healthcare Service is considered as a vital need for every human beings, and Pharmacies play an important role as a primary care service provider. In Cambodia, more and more people started to seek for medical care in neighboring countries as they have lost the trust in local healthcare services due to some bad experiences and the exaggeration of some unethical medias. As a primary care service provider, pharmacies are also facing huge problems in building trust for local people; most existing pharmacies are family-run and traditional businesses with poor medicine storage, improper stock management, and worse than that some pharmacies do not even have standby pharmacist. Proper consultation can rarely be provided, and poor management results in extreme uncontrollable crowd in traditional pharmacies without private spaces for patients with sensitive health issue. If there is no measurement on this, primary care and pharmacy market will also be taken by neighboring countries which affect not only the country’s reputation but also the economy. Therefore, we, Pharmily, are committed to work with all pharmacies to prevent this huge disaster by offering pharmacies system development and human resource with the vision of improving all existing pharmacies for better health.

    However, it has never been easy to prove the effectiveness of our services throughout the whole pharmacies market. Therefore, pharmily first decided to provide them benefits through rebate program of products they purchase from suppliers, which simply mean same order, better price, and more benefits. Besides, it allows pharmacies to purchase anywhere, anytime, and get up-todate promotions and schemes provided by Pharmaceutical companies. Later, pharmacies have full rights to choose more services and systems provided by us to upgrade their businesses.

    Solving Healthcare problem is a huge task and responsibility and it is required more efforts when it comes to persuade all pharmacy owners to choose our services as they are so comfortable with their old traditional style within their places; thus, we believe the key starters would be people from 3 different backgrounds: healthcare, IT and marketing. It is the right time for the new innovation of our local pharmacies or it is too late while many international franchises are hitting
    the local market in many sectors such as coffee shops and restaurants. That is why Pharmily is established to keep all local pharmacies as the signature of the country.

  3. Cambodia Luxary Arts (Cambodia)
  4. In Cambodia, during the Khmer Empire period, our culture was at its peak with the Angkor Wat as the evidence. Today, it is far off its formidable state and it’s been declining gradually that we must take actions to save our culture.
    As Cambodian youths and new generation of artists, we came up with the idea of creating Cambodia Luxury Arts Centre (CLAC), which will establish in June 2020 with the facility of 787 square foot located at the center of Phnom Penh city. This is a second stage from our small ongoing start since January 2017 as it was started substantially on service department. Mainly, this business is aimed to strengthen our culture and in turn find profit to feed our operation. This business plan is written to ensure maximum profitable growth which will increase within 3 years.
    Keys to success and critical factors are, in order of importance:
    * Penetration into the daytime market for art lessons.
    * Providing various design services
    * Showcasing uniquely crafted design products
    * Making sale of art supplies an additional profit source.
    VISION: Cambodia Luxury Arts Centre (CLAC) is the assembling of innovative ideas and cultural arts aim to enhance the lives of people by our creativity, quality and uniqueness of the products.
    § To Preserve and promote identity of Cambodian arts § To gather all traditional Cambodian styles § To build Cambodia Artists § To bring Cambodia culture innovative products to the world.

  5. Ptas Sophak Mongkol (Cambodia)
  6. Phtas Sophak-Mongkol is a laundry service which provide a very comfortable and convenient service with acceptable price, safe & high technology system. Phtas Sophak-Mongkol also believes our future laundry service should gain more beneficial through saving water by recycling waste water to reusable water and saving electricity by conveying energy through Hydropower plant. Phtas Sophak-Mongkol can save even more Environmental polluted.
    Our strategy will focus in 2 different categories which one is about retail laundry service and another one is selling system as franchising. However, in the first 6 months in first year, we will run only retail laundry service as Show-Room to show by action to future franchising.
    Profits will initially be repaid to the business to finance any overhead costs related to purchasing inventory, then to the rapidly expanding photovoltaic recharging shop and mechanic ‘s laundry, then to pay off the initial investments. Inventory will be purchased in advance to stock. Their savings earned by Phtas Sophak-Mongkol’s high-tech system will spread by word-of- mouth, attract more customers, and bolster future growth at the same high rate of 50%.
    Not only will the retail laundry service is be the success of our company, but also franchising is the limit in terms of our potential market dominance as well. All of these profits can then be feedback into research and development opening the doorway to a secondary market role for Phtas Sophak-Mongkol.

  7. Scan Siev Phov (Cambodia)
  8. Because of the printing cost of colorful books, all student books in Asia are using only black ink. As a result, all the pictures in the books are black and white pictures which makes it hard for student to see. Therefore, my team created an app that scans the black and white pictures in Khmer high student books and links to the internet resources such images, videos, and 3D models for student to see in their phone in front of them. After we build our first prototype, we showed it to students and they always reply these back to us. “Wow it looks so cool !!! what is the name of the app?? I want to download it”. This means our app has the high potential of becoming viral easily in Cambodia.

  9. Padaek Nakai Factory (Laos)
  10. Padaek is a traditional Lao seasoning, since we, young generation don’t know the real history of its existing, who and how it was made in the past until present days.
    Padaek is produced by fermenting fish with rice bran or roasted rice powder and salt fermented in a closed container for at least six months.It is mostly found in southern Laos as an ingredient, or as a raw food.
    Previously, people usually made Padeak for their ownconsumption when they have fish more than the need of the family, in the past it wasn’t a problem to make Padaek at home but nowadays the situation is changed, many people have no access to the raw materials or there is not enough fish as in the past and the environment is not permit them to do by themselves. Therefore, the only one easy way is to buy it.
    Padaek is the main ingredient for Lao cuisine, Lao traditional dishes use Padaek over 80%, thought there are many substitution products like fish sauce or shrimp paste but still half of Lao population preferred Padaek. Furthermore, as we can see Lao people since kid of three years to adult ages consume Padaek.
    As many foreigners who travelled to Laos said that “When we think about Laos we think about a land of million elephant and the taste of Padaek”.

  11. DSV’s Brand Clothing Retail Business (Laos)
  12. DSV’s Business model is characterized by a middle degree of Vertical integration compared to other models developed by the International competitors. It covers all phases of the fashion process: design, manufacture, logistics and distribution to its own managed stores. It has a flexible structure and a strong customer focus in all its business areas.
    The DSV’s business model is unique, comprising each and every stage of the fashion retail business: design, manufacture, distribution and sale of fashion in own-operated stores.
    The key to this model is the ability to adapt the offer to customer desires in the shortest time possible. For DSV, time is the main factor to be considered, above and beyond production costs. This signifies there clear cut policy of valuing time even more then money.
    Vertical integration enables them to shorten turnaround times and achieve greater flexibility, reducing stock to a minimum and diminishing fashion risk to the greatest possible extent.
    DSV’s team of designers, The availability of the factories owned by the company, together with a wide range of highly experienced external suppliers who have a solid commercial relationship with the format, allow DSV to manufacture a model and to have it for sale in its stores country within the average term of approximately two weeks.
    Garments, the in-house manufactured, arrive at the DSV store has in capital city, wherefrom they are dispatched to the stores of many province. Clothes are dispatched twice a week, and this frequency allows a continual renewal of our fashion offer.
    DSV sells three lines of items, for women, men and children. Each of them has its own independent creative team who carries out the fashion proposals for each campaign. That is why their customers may find in DSV stores, located at the major shopping streets of more than 10 cities in the world, a high quality fashion proposal that takes into account the latest trends at affordable prices.

  13. PST Express (Lao)
  14. As we know when the Economic and Society grow up, the Development of communication and exchange between people will be increase more and more especially in the area of deliveries: document, package, product and etc… this will be the service needed in everywhere at working area, for our view we think about how to help these people or company to sending among them by being the third part of them, they can use our service no need to use their staff because this will make high capacity of work.
    PST express see that part of the services delivery is very important and contribute to raise capacity than the conduct of parties, so we believe we have created good business to meet such requirements. After I graduate Master degree from the Lao-Japan Human resources Institute in last 3 years when online business is just to begin in Lao PDR, our first step is on the Face book page and our main customer is the people who do business online, We have our own page and website created by the wonderful team, rending house for business now we have 3 motorbikes, PST express have been managed by my brother, I also being the Marketing and Manager
    According to people life’s style Ecommerce come to be the famous things in our duties, Social network is very important now and become to be the selling online in many ways: Face book, line, Twitter and etc… so what people always do is shopping online because they have not enough time and the factor of online trading is sending all these thing to customers, we meet demand by establish PST express to help them trade , we have been started in 2015 by sending only small document only until now we sent all of the customer need but not too big, the way is call us we will sent you all of things , document, stationary and some cosmetic by customer to customer who have condition for express, now so many express happend by people and their own online business. so the compitition happend and we can say we are the first brand made by lao people we do before they do we know before them , so how much they wanted to dum the price we won’t care on it, customer care is the first thing and be on time is the best way to get more customer, mouth to mouth advertisment is the best way to expend our business.

  15. Toy Land Mr.Sakhone Douangphachanh (Laos)
  16. Toy Land, a social enterprise in Vientiane Capital, Laos, will be the first one-stop business for children. We want to develop children potential through playing toy. In social term, we will organize workshops or competitions in each 2 months in order to develop children skill such as broad game competition, Lego contest, Cos Play competition, and so on.5% of Toy land’s profit will be a budget for organizing workshops and competitions. In business term, we provide the variety of services such as sightseeing toy museum zone, playing toy, selling toy, restaurant & café, and toy garden. The area size is approximately 1200 square meter (40m x 30m) and the building is around 300 square meter (30m x10m)

  17. BAMBI Design (Vietnam)
  18. Lana and her friend, Quyen, are high school mates who share the love of virtual games and art. The type of game they liked the most were house-designing, and they wished to make their dream come true. However, the real-life interiors market in Vietnam was diverse and cost them a lot of time, as well as effort, in finding and choosing the perfect items for their dream rooms. That was when they come up with the idea of a game-like application, which plays as an interiors market as well as a platform helping one person self-design her room.
    And that was the story how the idea of BAMBI Design (Be Artful and Make Beautiful Interior Design) application started.
    BAMBI Design. is an Android/iOS based application with the primary main language is Vietnamese, targeting at Vietnamese users. Come along with the application is a website called “Bambi Việt” (, which will link with in-app information, allow users to feedback/report/contact with the app designers, allow users to open forum boxes to share knowledge on interior design, updating trending styles, etc. This website is the first of its kind in Vietnam and aims to be the leading website for interior designers (and wannabes).
    BAMBI Design. is a clever app that lets users style their dream rooms using just the tip of their finger, by choosing and dragging interiors from our huge database (interiors from our business partners). Each styling cases is considered a “task”, and we strive to make it as realistic as a serious real-life interior design case. Each task has its certain theme, and we offer guides on styling according to the task’s theme for green/ amateur designers. Users can also upload pictures of their room and style it. Since the designing task is connected with our continuously updating database, connection to the internet is always required.

  19. Linkzone (Vietnam)
  20. Connecting people living in different regions of Vietnam have different levels of foreign languages (other than their mother tongue) so that they can be “Collaborators” for Linkzone. Providing interpreters, translators and tutors of various languages to meet the diverse needs of the almost customer as well as helping the “Collaborators” find part-time and full-time jobs to improve their knowledge and earn their own money.
    Linkzone is a fast-paced website. The interface is simple with the easy-toremember source name and easy to service for customers with language barriers (eg: Needing to find interpreters, translators and foreign language tutors ). With Linkzone Website, customers can find Collaborators just by clicking a few clicks to meet your needs and minimize your costs.


Date: Saturday, July 22, 2017
Venur: Kizuna Hall, CJCC, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Online Registration:

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