How to get from Bangkok to Siem Reap by direct bus

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by Takumi Uriuhara

I recommend Transport Co’s direct bus which you can move from Bangkok to Siem Reap

Hello, I’m Takumi from CONPATH. What was your plan during the vacation?

Well, today I’ll introduce “the direct bus for Siem Reap from Bangkok” that I used when I went to Bangkok was very convenient.

Beyond the border by land, I think that it is one of the places where troubles are prone to occur and you have to take care of yourself than usual.
Generally, you have to get off the bus for immigration and cross the border and change to another bus at the Cambodian side. You can go straight to the destination on the same bus without having to change bus. There is not such a wonderful thing.

Transport Co offers it.

Those who are going to go to Siem Reap from Bangkok and those who think that you are thinking about visiting Thailand and Cambodia during the next vacation, please refer this article.

Table of Contents

  1. Reasons why I recommend Transport Co’s direct bus
  2. How to buy a bus ticket
  3. Report: when I moved from Bangkok to Siem Reap by Transport Co’s direct bus
  4. Summary

Three reasons why I recommend Transport Co’s direct bus for getting from Bangkok to Siem Reap by land

  1. You can go straight to Siem Reap from Bangkok on the same bus without having to change bus
  2. Seats for one person are secured
  3. The getting off point is at the center of Siem Reap

1. You can go straight to Siem Reap from Bangkok on the same bus without having to change bus

Because other means of land transportation can not get into Cambodia, you have to change to another vehicle at the border. Depending on the number of other passengers and the operation situation of Cambodian side, it may be quite awaited. Because the vehicle does not leave until it is full.

2. Seats for one person are secured
There is a cheaper way to move than a direct bus, and if that way it will move by a van to the border. You ride the van packed with all the passengers’ luggage, so it’s pretty full inside. It runs for a long time in that state so it is quite tiresome.
Compared to that, the direct bus to be introduced in this article offers one seat per person so you can spend comfortable time to Siem Reap.

3. The getting off point is at the center of Siem Reap

Although intercity buses in Cambodia are often stopped off the town, the main street of Siem Reap called Sivatha Avenue is the getting off point of Transport Co’s direct bus, so it’s easy to move to your hotel and restaurants.

For these three reasons, I recommend this direct bus.

The way to move from Bangkok to Siem Reap by land without changing to another bus

Let’s show you how to move from Bangkok to Siem Reap by land with Transport Co’s direct bus.

There are two ways to purchase a ticket. One way to purchase at the online site dealing with Transport Co’s tickets. The other way is to buy directly at the bus terminal.

This time I will show you how to purchase online. If you go to the bus terminal and have no vacant seats, time and labor will be wasted, so I recommend this method.

There are three steps to get tickets as follows.

  1. Create your account on the site, THAITICKET MAJOR
  2. Log in the site and purchase a ticket
  3. Go to the designated place and receive a ticket

1. Create your account on the site, THAITICKET MAJOR

THAITICKETMAJOR, Thai online ticket platform

When you open Sign-up page, a page like the image above will be displayed.
Please fill out the form and create an account of THAITICKET MAJOR.

2. Log in the site and purchase a ticket
After creating an account and logging in to the site you will see a page similar to the one below.


When login is successfully completed click the TRANSPORTATION button in the upper right. (The portion surrounded by a red line in the above image)
Click to jump to the reservation page of the bus ticket like the image below.

Visit Bus ticket page on THAITICKETMAJOR

When you scroll a bit and click the magnifying glass icon of “Bangkok Siem Reap” (part surrounded by red line),

Search a direct bus from Bangkok to Siem Reap

Since the calendar comes up like the image below, let’s check the presence of vacant seats with the desired date and time.

Find a ticket by date search

If there are vacant seats there are two buses, 8 o’clock and 9 o’clock, so choose the one you like and press the select button.

Booking Bus Tickets

Select a seat, enter passenger information, and complete payment, purchase of tickets will be completed.

In my case, the fee was 770 Baht (about 23 USD) in total, plus 20 Baht of the commission to 750 Baht of ticket fee.

3. Go to the designated place and receive a ticket
Purchasing of tickets has been completed in the steps so far, but you need to go to the counter of THAITICKET MAJOR to receive your paper ticket.

You can check the list of places where you can receive tickets from here.

I received my ticket at the counter inside Central Chidlom.

Then, you just have luggage and tickets for the day and head for the Mo Chit bus terminal.

Report: when I moved from Bangkok to Siem Reap by Transport Co’s direct bus

Transport Co’s direct bus to Siem Reap departs from the Bus Terminal at Mo Chit.

The nearest station of the bus terminal is Chatuchak Park if you take a subway, Mo Chit if you take BTS. Since there is a distance from these stations to the bus terminal, moving with holding suitcases and backpacks will be tough.
I think that it is good to go to the nearest station by train and take a taxi to the bus terminal from there.

I recommend Uber when you move in Bangkok by taxi.

When you arrive at the bus terminal, let’s head to the gate where the bus for Siem Reap stops. In my case, the gate was No. 106.

There is a bench at the bus terminal

There is a bench to sit and wait if you arrive early.

When the departure time comes, let’s go to the bus for Siem Reap with luggage.
It’s very easy to find because it says SIEM REAP on the side of the bus like this.

The direct bus from Bangkok to Siem Reap

Water and snacks are placed on the net of the seat as shown in the image below. The inside of the bag was coffee, juice, and stick pancake.

Since food is only pancake, I think that it is not enough. There is a Seven Eleven in the bus terminal so it is better to purchase something there before getting on the bus.

Water and Snack

The bus left after 8 o’clock on time. After a while, the bus stopped once before the border.

I thought something happened, the tour operator started distributing what smells good.

Staff distribute food

Seafood fried rice for lunch

What the tour operator distributed was shrimp fried rice. The reason why the bus stopped was to take time to have this lunch and fill out documents to acquire a visa for Cambodia.

Cambodian Visa form

Documents are dealt in this way. The tour operator will offer you the option of acting on the visa acquisition process behalf of you, but since fees are charged, I recommend that you obtain eVisa in advance or apply by yourself at the border.
It is easy because you basically have no problem if you follow the instructions of the border staff to apply for yourself.

Once the lunch & document entry time is over, the bus will start running again.

When you get to Aranyaprathet town of Thai side border, you get off the bus for immigration procedures.

Get off the bus once

The mark I am the passenger of Transport

Let’s put this on your neck as it gets a mark that you are a passenger of Transport Co’s bus. If there is something you do not understand, the tour operator may help you.

When you get off the bus, the building that is visible in the front is a building of immigration procedures, so move forward toward that.

Towards to the immigration building

Because foreigners entering and departing procedures are done on the first floor of the building, please go up the stairs and enter the building.

Immigration office is on the first floor

Going to the immigration office

After entering the building and completing Thai departure procedures, leave the building and head for the booth of Cambodia’s immigration procedure.

Those who get a visa at the border should obtain a visa for Cambodia by Visa application office before going to the Cambodian immigration office.

Head to Cambodia

Head to Cambodia 2

Head to Cambodia 3

Head to Cambodia 4

The building on the right side of the road written ARRIVAL is the immigration procedure office in Cambodia.

The immigration procedure office in Cambodia is on the right side

When you go to the immigration office, you will receive an immigration card like the image below. Fill it and let’s line up in the immigration procedure.

Cambodian immigration office is on the right side

When you finish immigration procedures, please do not go ahead and return. This is because the bus stops between Thailand’s departure procedure office and the immigration procedure office in Cambodia.

The bus stops in the border

The bus stops under the building with such a communication passage.

You will wait in the bus until all passengers complete immigration procedures and the bus will depart for Siem Reap when all of them ride.
In my case I didn’t have a break since the bus left Bangkok, I recommend that you go here if you are worried about the toilet.

You will arrive in Siem Reap in several hours while you are looking over the idyllic countryscape.
The bus stops in front of the office of the company which operates Cambodia side of this direct bus called NATTAKAN.
It is located in the main street of Siem Reap street called Sivatha Street, which is conveniently located near the center such as the old market.

The point pointed by the arrow is the NATTAKAN office, here is the point you will get off.

The final destination at Siem Reap

I left Bangkok at 8 o’clock in the morning and arrive at the border around 12:30. I left the border around 13 o’clock and I got to the NATTAKAN office around 16:30. It took about 8 hours and a half.


If you are traveling by land transit and can spend a little money for your transportation, this Transport Co’s direct bus is recommended.
Although there is a way to move to the border and switch the vehicle after entering Cambodia if you think to move cheaply, I don’t recommend this way to those who don’t have much experience of cross-border by land.

Transportation fee
Ticket fee 750 Baht + commision fee 20 baht = Total 770 Baht (about 23 USD)

Bangkok – Border: 4.5 hours
Crossing the border: 0.5 hours
The border – Siem Reap: 3.5 hours
Total: 8.5 hours

Site that purchased tickets this time

There is a possibility that THAITICKET MAJOR will change the specification of the WEB site, so there may be a part different from the information of this article when actually purchasing. Please be aware of that point.

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