Report: Visited Mo-Mo-Paradise’s first branch in Cambodian

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by Takumi Uriuhara

Mo-Mo-Paradise will open their first Cambodian branch in Phnom Penh on September 22!

Hello, I am a editor of CONPATH, which is publishing articles about internship in Cambodia and local hot topics.
Recently Phnom Penh, such as Krispy Kreme Doughnut and Cold Stone Creamery, has been rushing to the overseas eating chains’ advancement rush.
Meanwhile, Mo-Mo-Paradise, the Japanese-style restaurant chain will open the first Cambodian store in Phnom Penh on September 22.

Before the grand open on the 22nd, it had preliminary opened from the 8th of this month, so I went there.
Today I will report the taste, price, atmosphere and so on.

Visited Mo-Mo-Paradise’s first branch in Cambodia!

Ordered Sukiyaki lunch combo

It is located in Phnom Penh’s premier commercial area, and there are many global chain stores such as Burger King and KFC.

Although I visited there at the lunchtime of the weekend, I was seated without waiting.
The lunch menu consists of 6 types of Shabu Shabu, Sukiyaki or Half and Half, which are all-you-can-eat or lunch combo (2 plates of meat and all-you-can-eat vegetables).

Shabu Shabu, Sukiyaki is 8.9 USD per person, Half and Half is 9.9 USD per person in plus 1 USD, all-you-can-eat is 100 minutes in Shabu Shabu, Sukiyaki is 18USD per person, Half and Half is plus 2USD at 20USD per person.

This time I ordered Sukiyaki of lunch combo and all-you-can-drink 1.9 USD per person so the total amount was 10.8 USD per person.
Unfortunately, there was no free water.

The lunch combo is not all-you-can-eat meat and there is a limit of up to 2 plates of meat per person, but it was sufficient for men in late twenties.

There are many buffet style restaurants in Cambodia, the market price is 9.8 USD per person for adults according to the CONPATH research. (With all-you-can-drink)

When you order all-you-can-eat, the price will be double, about 18 USD ~ per person, compared to the price of other buffet style restaurants in Phnom Penh.
Their service and taste were better than others by that amount.

This high-quality customer service and taste may get attract Cambodian rich people who seek high quality food as well as quantity.

Address: 219 Pasteur St. (51), Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Opening Hours: 11:00 – 14:30、17:00 – 22:00


1. It’s soft-open now and will open on 22 September at Phnom Penh’s premier commercial area called Boeung Keng Kang.
2. About twice the price compared to other buffet style restaurants in Phnom Penh.
3. All vegetables are made in Cambodia. Beef is imported from the United States.
4. If you are not a big eater, lunch combo menu is enough.
5. Free WiFi available

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