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[:ja]瓜生原[:][:en]Takumi[:] [:ja]琢実[:][:en]Uriuhara[:]

by Takumi Uriuhara

EPIC, an early-stage impact incubation program, will hold an event “EPIC Showcase” on Sep 15 from 8:45 am to 12:00 pm at Raintree.
They will give you an opportunity to discuss impact entrepreneurship in Cambodia, invite key note speakers, share plans for the future of EPIC and lessons learned for providing entrepreneurship programs and support.

I’m sure you can learn from the entrepreneurs, get a chance to network with fellow members of EPIC.

You need to register beforehand so if you are interested in this event, contact Laura. (laura.smitheman@impacthub.net)



EPIC is a 1 year program which supports aspiring entrepreneurs and start-ups to launch and grow their businesses. Partnering with Development Innovations, this unique program is the first in Cambodia to invest $20,000 in prototyping budgets, consulting, workspace and stipends in 5 outstanding social start-ups.
HP: www.epiccambodia.com
Facebook: epiccambodia

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