The best 4 shops in Siem Reap for internship students

The Best 4 Shops for Interns in Siem Reap

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by Takumi Uriuhara

The best 4 shops for internship students in Siem Reap

Good evening, I’m Takumi introducing Cambodian startups and services.
Most students who are working abroad as an internship student have never experienced living the country before the internship. So it’s hard to find good shops for internship students.
The world famous review site, Tripadvisor is not good because some shops’ administrators post reviews as a customer and make the ranking unreliable recently.

So today I, who have been lived in Siem Reap for about 2 years and half, introduce the best cafe, restaurant, sweet shop, bar in this article. I visited all shops I’ll introduce in this article and I checked their quality with my eyes and tongue.

You have only know the following 4 shops!

Those who are working as an intern in Siem Reap now or those who want to do an internship in Siem Reap, you should continue reading this article.

The criteria of my recommendation

In Cambodia, there are some paid internship offer but in the most cafe you would not able to get salary more than you earn in your country by you part time job. Because of such situation, most internship students try to save money even here Cambodia’s price is cheap than their home country. This is the real of doing an internship in Cambodia. Actually I worked as an intern in Cambodia about 4 years ago and I tried to save money and the food expense per day was about 2.5 USD.

So I chose shops according to the criteria, “Shops that you can feel free to go even if you do not have enough budget”.

The best cafe for internship students in Siem Reap

The best cafe for internship students is Joe to Go

The best cafe in Siem Reap for internship students is Joe to Go

I introduced this cafe in this column already, Even there is A/C, Joe to Go offers Iced Coffee less than 2 USD. Joe to Go is kind for internship students and budget travelers.
Actually I have visited Joe to Go lots of times and ordered Iced Coffee every time. Then staffs became to serve Iced Coffee even I didn’t say anything lol.

Joe to Go has A/C and big tables with outlets on the first floor and I can always find a seat. So Joe to Go satisfies all the important conditions when you want to do computer work for a while.

When you want to do computer work or want to read a book in a cool place, Joe to Go is highly recommended!

The column Joe to Go mentioned: When you work as a nomad in Siem Reap, Joe to Go is the best place for you

Address: Street 09, Krong Siem Reap, Cambodia
Opening hours: 07:30〜21:30
Tel: +855-88-665-5335

The best restaurant for internship students in Siem Reap

Siv Long is the best restaurant for internship students in Siem Reap

Next one is the best restaurant for internship students in Siem Reap. It’s Siv Long.

The menu I recommend at Siv Long is Bai Cha Sach Chruk (Fried Rice with Pork). I can say that half of my body is made of Siv Long’s fried rice with pork. That’s how often I go to Siv Long.

The reason of why I recommend Siv Long is the price same as Joe to Go. You can eat a large helping of fried rice including a soup in 1.25 USD. It’s the best restaurant for internship students who want to satisfy their hunger in cheap price.

Address: 100m west from Park Hyatt Siem Reap
Opening hours: Around noon – about 23 pm
Tel: +855-97-816-5909
URL:Siv Long page on Tripadvisor

The best sweets shop for internship students in Siem Reap

The sweets shop I want to recommend for internship students in Siem Reap is Gelato Lab.

Actually there are not so many options of sweets shops in Siem Reap. In such Siem Reap, it is Gelato Lab that makes its name as a full-fledged sweets shop in Siem Reap.

Gelato Lab is open until 23:30, so you can visit even after work when you feel tired and want to eat something sweet.
Gelato is from 1.5 USD and drink is from 1.75 USD.
I recommend Frutto della Passione, a passion fruit sorbet. I think it’s good place for date.

Address: Pub Street Alley, Krong Siem Reap, Cambodia
Opening hours: 09:00〜23:30
Tel: +855-85-757-590
URL: Facebook page

The best bar for internship students in Siem Reap

Lastly the bar in Siem Reap I strongly recommend for internship students is The Yellow Sub.

Well, there are three reasons why I recommend The Yellow Sub to you, besides its ease of use and delicious hamburgers.

It is a versatile bar that you do not mind visiting by yourself, and enjoying in a group as well.
Although it is a bar, this hamburger is very delicious and it is an attractive shop as a place to simply eat dinner.

In addition, The Yellow Sub has the Beatles motif as its name, and the interior is all the Beatles. The name of the hamburger also comes with the members’ names such as John Lennon and Ringo Star.

First, there are many nice foreign expats.
Second, they provide beer properly.
The last is that there is a mysterious owner.

When I go there to drink a beer alone, I was familiar with regulars. And when I talk about what I am doing to each other, it led to work, or I was invited to BBQ at home. Many things happened here and my life colored.

During an internship, it’s important to make friends outside of the company you work for spending good days and achieving internship goals. In the perspective of this, I can recommend The Yellow Sub.

For the second reason, Beer, in Siem Reap there are many bars serve a draft beer in 0.5 USD but those bars don’t maintain the beer server well and to be honest, the taste is not good.
Though The Yellow Sub serves a draft beer in 1.1 USD, they maintain well so you can drink Cambodian beer in the best condition.

The last reason is there is a lovely owner.

I am a baby face so when I drink a beer at the bar, the owner ask me “a teenager drinks a beer. Show me your ID” lol. He rails at other customers though, sometimes I don’t find whether his word is a joke or not.
The owner has not shown his face for a while, he came back currently. And now I meet guys who had not come during the owner was absent. I think they go there to meet the owner.
There is an owner loved by that much.

Recently, VAT (Value-Added Tax) was excluded from the price on the menu and accounting has become complicated a bit. Nevertheless, The Yellow Sub is one of the best bars in Siem Reap.
*In Cambodia, VAT is 10% and whether including VAT in the price on the menu depends on each shop

Address: The-Lane, Krong Siem Reap, Cambodia
Opening hours: 12:00 – Late (Mon – Fri), 15:00 – Late (Weekend)
Tel: +855-88-665-5335


My recommended shops for internship students in Siem Reap are following 4 shops.

・Joe to Go (Cafe)
・Siv Long (Restaurant)
・Gelato Lab (Sweet shop)
・The Yellow Sub (Bar)

Find your favorite shop and spend a fulfilling internship days!

If you have worked as an intern in Siem Reap and have any recommendations, please let me know!

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