“2Hands” is the best massage shop in Phnom Penh

[:ja]米山[:][:en]Haruka[:] [:ja]遥香[:][:en]Yoneyama[:]

by Haruka Yoneyama

Everyone, nice to meet you. I am Haruka Yoneyama.
After graduating from university, I came to Cambodia and have interned in Approved Specified Nonprofit Corporation Heart of Gold. (HP : http://www.hofg.org/)
I have interned with a program called NGO intern program organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, it’ my second year now.
The NGO intern program organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan extends the door to young talents who wish to find employment in NGOs and at the same time entrusts internship training to NGOs and provide certain expenses for training to expand international cooperation by NGOs through training of young talents.
(HP : http://www.joca.or.jp/activites/ngo-intern/)

Taking care of yourself is important during internship

By the way, do you often go to a massage shop in your country?
I like massage and want to go often, but in Japan, it is about 30 USD to 45 USD per hour even for cheap massage shops. Even though I wanted to go, I was not able to go quite often.
However,in Cambodia I can get a massage from 6 USD to 8 USD an hour.
Coming to Cambodia for an internship, at the beginning it’s hard to work in the unfamiliar environment and just keeps working is not good for your health. So sometimes you need time to relax.
For such time as this, I would like to introduce a good massage shop where I frequently go.

There is a massage shop “2Hands” that the blind person massage in the area called Toul Tom Pong where I live.

A massage shop that the blind person performs

My boss taught me 2Hands was awesome.
I had never heard of a massage shop that the blind person performed and I liked to check on massage shops so I tried to visit.
As my boss said, this massage shop was pretty better than other massage shops. I came to visit it often since then.

There are 3 reasons why I recommend 2Hands for you.

1. Value for money!

People who do massage are visually-handicapped. They are living by touching things and listening to sounds instead of seeing. I’m not sure if that’s the reason or not, I feel warmth during the massage.
I tried various massage shops in Phnom Penh, what I found often were relaxation type massage shops and their pressure is too soft.
However, 2Hands adopt Japanese-style Shiatsu massage. Their massager push the points well so that I get lighter and refreshed.
Japanese-style Shiatsu whole body massage is 6 USD an hour. In addition, there is massage menu of aroma oil, foot, head, and shoulder.

Value for money!

In Cambodia, the price is 6 USD to 8 USD almost anywhere but I feel that there are not so many shops push firmly.

2. Visit 10 times, Get 1 free massage

They give you a bonus card and push a stamp when you pay.
When you get 10 stamps you can get 1 free massage!

Visit 10 times, Get 1 free massage

I can get a free massage one more time.
I would love to go again if there is such a bonus.

3. You can get massage even after work

2Hands is open from 8:00 until 21:30.
You can visit this shop if you feel a bit tired after work.

When you visit Phnom Penh, I really recommend that you visit 2Hands for massage.

Store Information

Address:#60 St.135 Toul Tompong I ,Phnom Penh (200m east of Toul Tompong Market)
Opening hours:08:00〜21:30
Tel:(+855)78 28 48 96(EN)、(+855)69 55 09 88(KH)
URL : https://www.facebook.com/2HandsProfessionalBlindMassage/

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